mandag 14. desember 2009

" Rachel has eczema " Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody

Ble plutselig veldig opptatt av å finne barnebøker om eksem - og da en først begynner å google kan man finne masse interessant. Hva med denne ?

" Rachel has eczema " Leigh, Jenny and Fox, Woody

Rachel Rhino and her brother and mum have moved next door to the Frog family, and when they meet, it becomes obvious that Rachel has a skin problem. She itches all the time and has red patches. When people start avoiding her because they are afraid she is catching, Mrs Frog suggests to Mrs Rhino a visit to Doctor Spot. He diagnoses atopic eczema, and after a careful explanation of just what this is, he prescribes ointment, emollients and wet wraps, after which Rachel gets better. The simple, brightly coloured illustrations of animals help make the story memorable, and there are two pages of detailed information for parents at the end of the book. One of an excellent series about childhood ailments, this book is recognised by the National Eczema Society and The Patients Association.

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